Step by Step VPN – Remote Desktop Connection Instructions


Step 1. Ensure the laptop or computer you are using is connected to the internet through Wireless or direct connection 


Step 2. Ensure that FortiClient is on your computer 







Step 3. Open FortiClient which should look like the below image: 



Step 4. Enter your Spalding Username and Password in the boxes shown on FortiClient above as if you were sitting at your computer on campus 


                Username: ITMan02

                Password: Spalding2020









Step 5. Click Connect and the VPN should load and look like the image below: 


*****Minimize the FortiClient Window DO NOT CLOSE FortiClient or you will lose the connection to the network and all following steps will not work**********************


Step 6. Locate Remote Desktop Connection which should look like the below image: 




Step 7. Click on Remote Desktop connection and type computer name:

*****The Computer name will be first initial, last name with PC in the front (Example: PCJDoe )*******

Step 8. Enter in your Spalding credentials in the Windows security box with Spalding\ in front of your username as shown below: 

*****Make sure to use “\” and not “/” or else you will receive an error************

*****Your Password does not require Spalding\ and should be entered in normally as if you were sitting at your computer**************


Step 9. You will be connected and should see a Blue box with your computer name on top:


Step 10. Your all set and ready to work remotely!


If you have any issues please contact a member of IT or the IT department at