Windows Troubleshooting Steps: 


1st: Open Control Panel:

2nd: Open up the sound settings:


3rd: Right click the speaker’s option and click “Test”

                Did you hear anything?

                Yes – The issue is related to GoToMeeting or Web settings

                No – The issue is an internal speaker issue

4th: If you heard No sound, Right click speakers again and click Properties

5th: Under Properties in the box labeled controller information click Properties again

6th: Click on Driver at the top of the properties tabs and click “Roll Back Driver”

7th: If Roll Back Driver is greyed out and not able to be done then there is most likely an issue with the driver installed or Windows itself.


From this point there are two options to do:


                If the computer is a personal computer you can try to “Reset the PC” but be warned that this usually involves returning to a “good configuration” of windows and can sometimes lead to the loss of files or data that may not be backed up or saved to the older version.

                If the computer is a Spalding computer, we can try to reload Windows to fix the issue but this will definitely wipe all data and files from the PC.  



                Somewhere on the computer, usually on the back near the power and connections there is a silver or black box that will have information such as the Computer model and serial number. If you feel tech savvy enough to attempt it you can write down or memorize the computer model and Google the Model and the words audio driver which will pull up different sites. Try to find the Manufacture website such as HP, Dell, Etc. and locate the audio driver, usually it is listed as Driver-Audio and you will look for the latest date because sometimes there are multiple and click “download”. Run through the download and install just click next through everything and see if the issue is fixed.