Troubleshooting Webcam GoToMeeting 

Step 1. Make sure your Webcam is turned on in GoToMeeting It should look like the below image: 








Step 2. If you still are having issues, open the webcam box in GoToMeeting and check to make sure your computer’s webcam is set as the default device as shown below: 


Step 3. If you still have issues and cannot see yourself on your webcam then you will need to look into some troubleshooting steps below: 


  1. Check the camera settings on your computer by navigating to

Windows Settings à Privacy à Camera

  1. Check to make sure that the Privacy settings allow for desktop apps to access your camera, also ensure that Camera Access is allowed and Apps are allowed to access the camera

  1. If the Camera still does not work then open an application other than GoToMeeting and check to see if it functions, A great test application is Windows Camera if it is installed.
  2. If the camera works on other applications but not on GoToMeeting it could be an issue with GoToMeeting itself or a Driver issue for the Camera. If It is an external camera connected through USB you will have to look up the camera to find the right driver using the Model Number.
  3. Check for Driver Updates to the Camera

Right Click the Windows Icon and Select Device Manager:


Next Locate the Camera as a listed device:


Right click the camera and Select Update Driver

Select Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software

  1. If it still is not working try uninstalling GoToMeeting and GoToOpener and reinstalling them by relaunching the meeting or visiting and downloading their software again.
  2. If after all these steps you are still having difficulty or issues please contact IT at or contact GoToMeeting through their support link at the top of the GoToMeeting Webpage.