Go To Meeting Troubleshooting Steps; 


1st: Delete both GoToMeeting and GoToOpener from the Programs and Features located under control Panel:


2nd: Reinstall GoToMeeting from their website and check to see if the issue is resolved, GoToOpener will install with GoToMeeting so there is no need to look for that as a separate download.

Did it work?

Yes – Great! Enjoy using GoToMeeting and hopefully the issue is resolved.

No – Keep moving through the troubleshooting steps below:


3rd: If you continue to have issues, Open up a GoToMeeting. Generally, there is a meeting listed as “Your Name’s” Meeting this is what you can start and use as a Test Meeting.




4th: Upon starting or opening the meeting make sure the control panel has your speakers and microphone selected as the default devices.

5th: If these are correct and you still do not have audio click the “Sound Check” icon

If you can see the sound bar lighting up after clicking play but you cannot hear anything then the issue is either Windows related or GoToMeeting will need to assist in troubleshooting their software.

You can get GoToMeeting support on their website at the top of the page or by calling: