Microsoft Teams allows groups to work collaboratively on documents, instant message, voice or video chat, share information and much more. There is a Teams web app, desktop app and mobile app. If you would like a team created for your office, submit a ticket with the member names or email the information to

Teams Instructional Videos

For Moodle you can create a Teams online meeting and post the meeting to your Moodle Class.

Microsoft Teams is also integrated into Canvas. You can create a discussion or announcement with a link to a Teams meeting. 

View Microsoft Teams Meetings in Canvas


View Teams Icon in


When the Microsoft Teams Meetings for Canvas key is turned on for an account, the Microsoft Teams Meetings LTI will be enabled in the Rich Content Editor in several areas within Canvas. Supported feature areas include Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Classic Quizzes, and the Calendar. Students may also be able to use this tool in the Rich Content Editor within a group. 


To open Microsoft Teams Meetings, click the Microsoft Teams Meetings icon